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On the craft of design and working with clients

by Mike Monteiro at Interaction 15

You have been lied to! […] Does good design sell itself? Fundamentally, NO.”

Designers are, by default, amazing at pushing pixels on a screen and creating beautiful, thoughtful designs. Presenting those thoughtful solutions, however, can be a stressful experience. If you’re working at an agency or studio it can be especially tempting to just have your creative director show the work to the client. You might tell yourself that he will do it better, because he’s a better speaker, with more experience – but no one can explain your design decisions better than you.

In his funny and informative talk, Mike Monteiro reminds us why selling is a core design skill: because a good designer who can sell his work is more valuable than an amazing one who can’t. The whole talk is more than an hour long but you can start at around 18:00 for 13 mistakes designers make during client presentations; see if you’re guilty of any (and ways to improve, if you are).